The Luciferianism  is the world's oldest religion, including Judeo-Christian, I tend invariably reply: "Impossible! How will you be older than the Judeo-Christian if Yahweh created Lucifer? "Outliers then a laconic smile on the lips of a Luciferian initiated or knowledgeable of science, which sighs and starts again his account of the origins. Hopefully, whoever is reading this, someone is interested in learning as much as if to embrace this faith, to repudiate or simply know. Do not hurt me to write about it again.

Over a thousand years ago, during the High Middle Ages, the Catholic Church broke into Europe with fire and sword, taking his message from the Mediterranean to the Baltic and from the Carpathian Mountains to the Atlantic.The imposed by the sword and by fire, outlawing the ancient pagan cults and their priests burning. For her there was only one true God, and that was Yahweh, with which all others were false gods and demons. All ancestral deities were demonized or relegated to mere myth. Including Lux-Ferre (Lucifer), the Roman god of knowledge.

"But ..." I seem to be listening and asking readers, "was not Lucifer the Fallen Angel, the one whom Yavhe plunged into the abyss in punishment for having believed in his boldness equal to its creator?". No, dear reader, is not it. In fact, the devil never existed for the Jews nor the early Christians. Lucifer was a minor Roman god, and Satan, as reads the Old Testament, a simple spy angel of Yahweh, which reported to it on whether the men met their duty to with him. Surely this condition was the informer who had invested with a negative character that, over time, would become the devil. Even the chapter of Genesis tells the story of Eve and the serpent, refers to any devil. If you take a Bible and search through, the snake will find that there is only named as the most treacherous and cunning of the animals, never as Satan.

In one of the first translations of the Bible from Greek into Latin by St. Jerome ax had to face a major dilemma: the vaunted fall of Lucifer, actually referred to Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, which was called the Holy Scriptures "shining star." What what was the dilemma? Well, the term was equivalent in the language of Rome.Given this handicap, the translator chose to call it with the name of god latin Lux-Ferre, which literally means "light bearer", which the fall of Nebuchadnezzar, the "shining star", went on to become the fall of "bearer of light", Lux-Ferre. As I said, for the Catholic Church the gods of other religions, or were just myths, or demons, which the die was cast for the figure of Lucifer in the face of the coming centuries, during which the evangelizing fundamentalist and fanatical rage of the Roman Catholic Church, I would look for the enemies of God with zeal and determination.

Indeed, theologians and Christian scholars were of the opinion that if there is white, there must also necessarily black. If lights must have shades, and if there was the god of Love and Truth, should have the equivalent mean and deceitful, and it should be no doubt that the pagans who worshiped under various names. This was nothing new, as we have seen very early on what was clear to the missionaries, but, coming to a point, should begin to use their creativity to figure out what should be their religion. Obviously, warlocks, shamans, druids and others, should be the priests of that evil being, his followers, worshipers and their rituals, how to worship. When asked what they should include the sages had to find information without even logical answer: If the opposite of black is white and light shade, satanic worship should be a reversal of the Catholic. Upside down crosses, black masses, hosts filthy ... If God called love and brotherhood to their children, the Devil would call hate and meanness, and his reward for his crimes, which witches were not necessarily things of extreme perversion and evil.

With this we have as to the degeneration of pagan worship from the ancient nature religions, to the abominable Satanism that spread terror across Europe since the Middle Ages. People believed in the existence of these worshipers of the devil. Believed that the Devil actually rewarded with earthly happiness to those who embraced their faith, and it was only a matter of time they were born the first real Satanists, seduced by this myth. Satanism was born in the fevered imagination of medieval theologians, who created her an enemy that never existed before.

"But then ... what is actually Satanism? Is the religion of the Celts? Did the Norse? "The Greco-Roman ?..."

What is the luciferase?

Since the dawn of humanity, man has believed in metaphysical entities represented and in the caves of the Paleolithic. Among them, the figure of the horned god, symbol of fertility and power, is a universal symbol that is repeated in all religions throughout time and space. But not alone. Almost all of them, if not all, also speak of the Flood, before which, the god appeared to one of their own to tell the prevention of to build a boat or similar and he embarked on a pair of each animal. The latter is not true at all, but in many, with a hit despite not surprising having had any contact those respective cultures, Polynesian, Amazon, Chinese, Aztec ... - each other, at the time that the legends originated , which amounts to approximately the same in all cases. Another recurrent myth of the god or angel benefactor of mankind, who challenged their peers to steal the divine fire to deliver the know-men, one of whose best known versions is the drama of Prometheus. But though almost always portrayed that way, as theft of the sacred fire, there are others that tell a similar story but in different ways. This would apply to the serpent of Paradise, who committed the crime of sacrilege feed Eve the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. The snake is also one of those universal symbols that recur in most cultures and religions with the same meaning, represented continuously as extremely cunning and intelligent animal, and often treacherous.

"Well, but ... what does this all mean?" Well, we have therefore some gods that are repeated over time in different cultures and religions known to mankind, jealous of that sacred fire which is the basis of Divinity, Knowledge, and with them, several stories and roles that are repeated in all, despite the rise in villages separated by oceans and continents even, which had no contact between them. It is not unreasonable to think the same basis for these various legends, whose story had passed from mouth to mouth for thousands of years, giving rise to the various myths and religions that the world has known. Myths and religions, however, contain the same factual basis deformed by millennia of oral tradition. It would be different mythologies language of symbols, similar to how does the dream-in fact, according to Freud, the language of dreams would be a personal mythology "of what is in our unconscious, we speak of a reality ancestral our ancestors knew or perceived in some way, when they lived in constant contact with nature. And here comes in the Luciferianism.


Heir natural religions are practiced in Europe since antiquity, is Luciferian dogma that all the existing and have been, that even though they are still renege sisters from one another other, speak the same universal truth with symbols established man, every people according to their culture, and the task of studying and trying adept separate dust from the chaff, to find that they all share real base. Also mean that the same truth must be something akin to the same nature, which the religions of antiquity based on the cult this-paganism, Greco-Roman, Celtic, Voodoo ... - would be much closer to the transcendental truth the five major monotheistic of our time: Christian, Buddhist, Islamic, Jewish and Hindu, deformed by thousands of years of interest, misrepresentations and modifications, whether intentional or not, the original message of the great prophets, it must have been quite different from that has come to us and teach us as such. Therefore, builds on those religions to conform to the liturgy and philosophy, which we could say that religion Luciferianism is heir to the Celtic and Nordic European, but integrating all ingredients the world, with preference towards natural.

In all religions and mythologies that have been, there is talk of a being a friend of mankind, which by some accounts faced those like him, and even to his superiors, to defend it to deliver the most precious of privileges, intelligence, and according to others was himself the supreme being and did so without confrontation. According to talk about one or the other variants, we will be doing it either Luciferianism. In the first, the friend of mankind was an angel who stood up to be supreme. According to the second, was the same being?

All this may sound like a raving mystic, but keep in mind that we are talking about symbols. All this history, for example, could be talking about a top-top can be mean, from just more evolved, something far beyond, "that at some point and similarly to what happens to the ape in the movie" 2001: A Space Odyssey, "the man decided to give the gift of intelligence to start the secrets of the Cosmos, which could be" the Cosmos-the operator jealous of those he faced.

"Well, but ... why then" Luciferianism "and not" luguismo "" Mithraism "or" promises "for example? At last, after all, you yourself have said that Lux-Ferre was only a minor deity. "

In part because he would be asked that question. It is assumed that the patron Luciferian, a faith that seeks the ultimate aim Know how should be the god of knowledge, but it is represented in all mythologies. I personally think that adopting this name has been an error on the part of those who did, with which they have only to follow suit accused who worship the Judeo-Christian Devil. When the 60's Anton LaVey created his Satanic Church, claimed he and his followers rely on rituals to the same natural force, who was no devil, that those ancient magic casters, considering it as an impersonal entity. However, there were others who invoked it and denied him the evil character, but not his personal authority, and decided to adopt another name to the Church of Rome had given to the benefactor of mankind who believed the devil. I guess it must have been ancestral hatred and resentment, which led to maintain a stupid challenge. I think that was a mistake. The luciferianism is, as I explained, much older than Christianity, and should never have consented to keep the confusion of being a mere religion opposed to it. In fact, they are the great monotheistic religions, which arose much later, they identified as the Luciferian enemy and not vice versa. On the other hand, there was a split between them Satanists Laveyan, by a sector according to the impersonal conception of power that invoked, leading to "The Temple of Set", which has nothing to do with the Luciferian.





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