The Universal Church of Lucifer, Luciferianism is essentially a movement, not supported people from groups such as Satanists or any related to that the Luciferian is a philosophy, which is far from other groups of devil worshipers.

the Luciferian as dictated by our rules is the person who decides to find himself and goes into the way of science

to knowledge through the path of enlightenment.

In the history of mankind has been Luciferian grades as Galileo, Sir Isaac Newton, philosopher and grades.

grades have also been occult as Agrippa, Eliphas Levi, Nostradamus, Crowley and other men who have given a path to history.

We Luciferian we provide the tools for progress,

through our path of initiation, which is divided into 19 degrees ascend to the high peaks of knowledge.



Conditions for membership of the Universal Church of Lucifer

Anyone who is interested in joining the Universal Church of Lucifer must meet  three requirements:


• Be a Free Man, since the application for the initiation of the IUL must be the result of innate individual freedom, away from any pressure, influence or circumstance that may restrict this freedom.


• Being a man of good habits, ie a person must be trustworthy, honest in its way of working and in good standing.


• Belief in a Higher Principle or First Cause of all creation, which is commonly known as Logos, and that members of the IUL, respecting the freedom of the individual to any particular belief, referred to as the Bringer of Light.

Procedure to follow

Once officially completed the application for initiation in the IUL, the nomination is supported by two priests being able to give the candidate's personal qualities. The application is read at a regular Assembly of the IUL to all members of the same, so that one can provide additional information. Subsequently be interviewed by members of the IUL not maintaining any relationship with the candidate, which will issue separate reports. Finally, after obtaining the favorable votes, the candidate will be able to be initiated.

Commitments acquired by the candidate

The candidate, if accepted, agrees to:


• Be respectful and complying with all laws of the State.


• Adjust your behavior to the "Old Uses, and Customs Duties", which means fidelity to the principles of the IUL the High Priest and their nests.


• Respect and uphold the Constitution and Rules of the IUL


• Arrive at meetings to be convened.


• Pay membership dues and meet monthly.


• Do not go outside organizations luciferase.


• reaffirm their belief in himself and the Light Bearer.


• Finally, during the Ceremony of Initiation, the candidate swears or affirms allegiance and fidelity to the oath, knowing that there is nothing incompatible with their family duties, civil, moral.


Application For Membership In Universal Church of Lucifer

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