David S├ínchez Marquez known as CEMI: Talavera de la  Reina 29 / 05 / 1981

His youth was spent in a boarding school in Medina de Campo (Valladolid)

Posterior mind during his studies in Barcelona means in 1995 where he began to familiar with the occult in both groups for the Illuminati which came to 10 degrees, and the Church of Satan

He was initiated into the magical arts in ceremonial and spiritual alchemy astrology kabbalah

Its growth in these arts was advanced and less than three years, dominated the preface and the wise interpret.

In 1998 he traveled to Madrid where he attended college, the faculty of theology at San Damaso.

And working in a pharmacy  and began to train people in the Luciferian philosophy

In year  2001, requested the entered the Benedictine Order

In the Valley of the Fallen (Madrid). Searched peace and seclusion but not seen from the Catholic point he realized that his life was going very fast and decided to spend a period as a hermit to increase more in knowledge and from this came the Lucifer Bible

On November 9, 2004 was ordained a priest and a few months before professed as a monk in the Valley of the Fallen

In that same year he traveled to Rome where he was appointed archivist of the Vatican.

And this culminated in his work.

Returning from Rome in 2005

Lucifer Bible  explodes on the first page with a statement of intentions rather than strong, citing the unique creative power of reason represented by the light of Lucifer because he represents the creative light and man as a recipient of this divine energy. And based on that "The Lucifer" which is called by the author Logos in the first book, the reader enters into a kind of essays, historical books, poetic, philosophical and iconoclasts who are divided into nine books that undoubtedly would have the delights of Ambrose Bierce

This book attempts to rescue and presentároslo Lucifer as the god of sensuality submission enemy and thus rescued from oblivion and the deformation of the royalties.

The sources of this book are varied but some came from the Vatican archives.


Cemia and the foundation of the universal church of Lucifer, born on February 14, 2005

The Universal Church of Lucifer is divided into small independent governments formed in provinces
 and central government.
 The idea of the church is that we can reach all points and be a close group and gives the face by public events so we can feed people's concerns that it is always important.
     It is committed to being at the service of knowledge that is our ministry to make known the people know who really locate and retrieve their fallen nature we are the bearers of light as the name implies 
and bring back people to the roots of our being in order to become gods of our actions.
I hope to generate doubt in your hearts and so will transform you into all truth seekers.

Foundations of the universal church of Lucifer

On February 16, 2005 are made by these foundations in a asanblea 200 'people in Corunna and on these grounds was born the Church of Lucifer mind back born in January 2009 the rules of the universal church of Lucifer.




Today 20/7/del Lucifer1 year of our Lord met the synod to address these issues will determine the fundamentals of the universal church of Lucifer and the arrival of his kingdom of glory and majesty in the land. Saving us from the tyranny of faith and making free by reason.


In the years in which humans change the faith of reason has formed the necessary climate for  our Lord Lucifer no longer the evil one to take its true nature challenger challenges and to whom? "  All beings that cause humanitarian abuses his wife and mother earth and destroy them with his breath.


In conclusion, the points covered include:


The nature of Lucifer

Its role in humanity

The foundations of his church revolt


Their liturgy



Natura Compendius Lucifer


The nature of Lucifer comes from the creation of the world with many different names but we can say that the name comes from the Roman god Lucifer the light bearer.

For the Romans this was the god of wisdom on the reason, knowing good and evil, the just and wise God who gave the most hidden pleasures man was the god of the god of the carnal carnival was dedicated to him. It was a much revered god.


It is the first dynasty of gods joined Gaia Faun and more are some traditions that say that Lucifer was a faun.


This god already existed in the  megalithic beliefs god in Egyptian hunter and increasingly sophisticated and changing their primary attributes with more evolved also in the Babylonian and Hellenistic long as the god of reason and nature  that gave birth to wisdom world. He was the god of the pagans of the Middle Ages that were transformed into witches and sorcerers by Christianity and turn them into enemies of the faith that had to be condemned to death and hanged some other burned after many tortures


How do I get to be this wonderful god so evil?

Very simple things happened in the Middle Ages to the treaty of hell: the pagans of the time most had left their customs accepting Christianity as a religion because there were two gods, the great god and goddess IAHV and large the Virgin Mary  as Mother Earth but there was a great stronghold of the ancient pagan traditions still wanted Christianity to become the new religion and made him their god transforming the devil  in the evil in this fallen angel and had his reign of terror which would which were offensive to God hell.

So anyone who worshiped Lucifer worshiping the devil that's transformed into witches and sorcerers who just wanted the evil of mankind  they were also blamed human sacrifice in its rituals and could harm the world with their evil powers.


Thus the name of Lucifer happened to be that of Satan as he is known in the Bible but not the word means evil but challenging. You can  say that until this point no god Lucifer challenge but at this point saying that the challenge he had more power than him and would make his reign, and would agree with the man and lift the yoke of slavery  by giving all the gifts you was the man in antiquity.

With this image come to our times Satan the lord of darkness with this figure has also had many worshipers and sacrificed on behalf of and creating even more confusion to the image of this ancient god who does not want to sacrifice

But human freedom is the root that has left its worshipers of other religions and has helped them in their ideas about  this being.    


In conclusion Lucifer is not evil but God oldest ultimate source of wisdom and life giver of the gifts has no commandments or decalogues or condemn the man to work or you shall die nor control pests and that evil does not free but it gives to each what he deserves dispenses his favors free gifts to humanity and his wife Mother Earth is not allowing anything to happen you just have other things that hurt but soon annihilated when back to being the God who was and was quiete alo of darkness that try to give us light. As he is the bringer of light gives us and lights us and we will give to him when we believe it is the liberator of man and slavery from the yoke of their faith and prevailing  light of reason and wisdom.   

Lucifer therapeutic inter



Lucifer represents indulgence on earth the man fully understands and loves him as he is. Asked not to be deprived of anything just to make the most of all the world benefits because they are human.

The world is not the spirit of life spirit after death is something that will come but the first is the life that gift so special  that we living beings and have no right to remove anyone.

It also represents the reason and wisdom he questions everything so you do not believe in things just because we say he believes the man is free when he thinks and he wants us to be free on an equal footing.

He represents the love that the first master beings mounting him giving you the freedom and equality of God knowing good and evil but who just love love love you and hate those who hate you.

Represents justice to each what he deserves.

Lucifer is the responsibility of responsible sex means using reason, not only in the no-sex boarding pass things you just do what you do.

The  humanity represents a revolt against what is not reasonable or fair

He represents all the pleasures of physical intellectual emotional because all man gratifies

He is the best friend of religions because, thanks to his figure distorted by them has kept them in the world so far


This is what Lucifer really for the world and see everything that happens is they do not recognize.  

The role of women within the church

women are the spice of life the grail of eternal life for us Mrs. Luciferian worship and their representatives representing the same land

our mother the church as I said is divided into two side that cooperate together Lucifer's congregation is led by the High Priest and High Priestess figure which are the representative and leader of the congregation of Lhilit

the symbol of the high priestess is key to growth and IUL balance of men and women is the reservoir of the cosmic mother balance her true bearers of light and life.

the sum represents the next virgin priestess of the goddess of the three faces, is associated with the moon and the three phases of the lunar cycle. The moon is new young virgin, the moon is the mother filled in all the splendor and majesty of their fertility. At the end of the lunar cycle is a women living alone and full of wisdom that is associated with the moon black.

 El represents the veiled mysteries of the world as well as the ebb and flow of power moon on the earth and its creatures. Egyptian Goddess Isis also ran through a mysterious veil events the moonand the major religions of antiquity.

His cult was distributed throughout Greece and Asia Minor and was also held in Rome and in Memphis. After death offered feedback to his disciples, she was known as the goddess mirionime (the ten thousand names) as she was carrier of many other deities.

In astrology the Moon represents maternal instincts intuition mood swings, principles and female fertility. The daughter of popess the moon, carries in itself all these qualities and all its flaws. She is the guardian  of the door of our mind.

The High Priestess represents the mysteries of the unconscious and Voice Interior, and often their appearance is a sign that our intuition is to send a message.

unification of synchronization.

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